• Oasis Beach Restaurant

    Best food in Central Region in a beautiful tropical setting.

    Bar Our kitchen
  • Oasis Beach Bar

    Cool drinks and an amazing view over the Atlantic Ocean.

    Kitchen Our bar

Our kitchen

The kitchen is opened from 7.30 am to 11.00 pm and serves a big variety of local as well as international dishes, breakfast and fresh juices. Enjoy our food in a tropical atmosphere under traditional summer huts next to the sea.

  • Our food philosophy

    We use fresh local produce whenever possible and prepare under hygienic conditions to assure the best quality of food.

  • Fresh from the sea

    Our local specialty is steamed lobster brought in by local fishermen and seasoned with ginger and other typical spices.

  • Out of the fire

    Another more Western specialty is pizza "out of tha fya", baked in a handmade stone oven and prepared after an original Italian recipe. Choose your favorite or create your own with the many toppings we have. Our "pizzaiolo" is waiting for your order!

  • Chicken is a classic

    You can find chicken everywhere but we go new ways in preparing it. Come and find out!

  • Kissed by the flame

    We serve desserts with local fruits – like banana flembée!

  • Fresh salads

    We have new salad creations by the week...

Our bar

The popular Oasis bar opens as early as 8.00 am and closes 11.30 pm but when there is a crowd it can go on till early morning. We serve chilled local beer as well as soft drinks, juice and a selection of fine wines and cocktails. Meeting good people from Ghana and the rest of the world is for free!


How about a tropical cocktail like our own creation, the "Blue Oasis", or you might want to go for a classic Gin Tonic or Tequilla Sunrise? Jaeger bomb Special is the blast and is best enjoyed in a group with friends.

  • Of course you can also check our bar display and create your own cocktail or let the barkeeper surprise you ...

  • Baabs is waiting for your order!